Focus on Lack of Results, Not Russia

All we see and hear these days from the mainstream media, from pundits, and from too many on social media is constant speculation and incessant leaks about the Russia investigation. This includes ties and potential collusion between President Trump’s campaign and transition team.

It’s a bit much. Most regular people don’t have much tangible connection to these leaks and the investigation. What these people are desperate to see from government and politicians are real results for their families, their livelihoods, and their communities. Those results have not happened for many since the inauguration, unless, of course, you happen to be a special interest group or in the administrative class of big business.

Most hardworking Americans haven’t had a reasonable raise in a very long time. That’s a massive issue, not just for putting food on tables and paying bills, but for small businesses trying to make a profit and reinvest in their communities, businesses, and payrolls.

Americans want better paying jobs. They deserve better opportunities for opening and maintaining their own small businesses. They’re not looking for a hand out, as some enjoy characterizing any effort to increase wages and jobs.

There’s nothing wrong with being successful. Success simply shouldn’t remain out of reach for hardworking people. Those with special access to politicians and those in big business who can dictate terms to others cannot be the only people that pull in the big bucks.

How many times do we have to be suckers for trickle down economics before we say enough is enough? We deserve so much better from our elected officials and from our government. It begins with expecting better from ourselves, and that means holding our elected officials accountable for an obvious lack of results.

Some want to say government should get out of the way. We’ve tried that. The result is that the economy implodes, jobs are shipped overseas, and wages stagnate for a generation. It’s about time we do something different.

I suggest focusing on the economy, on communities, on families and a complete lack of any tangible results from this Congress and this President. These Russian investigations are going to continue to develop without the continued obsession by so many. These Russian investigations aren’t going to raise anyone’s wages nor create any jobs for regular Americans.

Enough is enough.

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