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Fracking on the New Madrid Seismic Zone a No Go

If you haven’t heard, a company is trying to obtain a fracking permit in White County. That’s extremely close to the New Madrid fault line. If you don’t know about the history of the New Madrid Seismic Zone, it’s 150 miles long and has been home to four of the largest earthquakes in the history of North America.


If that doesn’t concern you, you better research the history. The 1811-1812 earthquake cluster is historic. One of these earthquakes sent the Mississippi River upstream.


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We cannot afford to set this fault line off by human activity.


Public comments against this permit are only allowed through June 27th. This is more important than any Russian investigation.


This is about safety, security, the economy, lives, and our children’s futures.


Check out this news report from The Southern. This is serious.
“The application has been assigned a review number of HVHHF-000001. The well to be known as Woodrow No. 1H-310408-193 is proposed to be permitted for the production of gas, located just north of Enfield in White County, Illinois.”


If you wish to submit a comment, you must do so by 5:00 PM, June 27th.


“Citizens wishing to enter a comment should mail correspondence to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Attention: Oil and Gas Regulatory Staff, 1 Natural Resources Way, Springfield, IL 62702, or email them at”  You must use the review number above in your email or in any correspondence.


You may not agree with climate change science, global warming, or much else. We all know earthquakes happen. Most of our small communities are not prepared for a medium intensity earthquake, let alone one that is over 8 on the Richter Scale.


Here are the addresses and links again.


Hearing Officer Oil and Gas Regulatory Staff Illinois Department of Natural Resources Office of Legal Counsel, Attention: HF Hearing Officer Daniel Schuering, 1 Natural Resources Way Springfield, IL 62702
or email
Department of Natural Resources, Attention: Oil and Gas Regulatory Staff, 1 Natural Resources Way, Springfield, IL 62702
or email
Woolsey Operating Co. LLC, HVHHF Registration Number HVHHF-00003, 125 N. Market St., Suite 1000, Wichita, KS 67202


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