Energized and Refocused after GA Loss

There’s much to learn from the special election loss in Georgia tonight. For being the most expensive House of Representative race in history, it ended up being about a 5-point race.

Money can’t buy an election. Neither can anger and outrage for Donald Trump.

Many Democrats and Progressives across the country are rightly disappointed.

I’m energized by all the great candidates I’ve been meeting around Illinois as they begin to set up their campaigns. I also remain hopeful for what beneficial change can take place for the American people. We need only have the courage and the will to choose something different.

As Democrats, most of us do this for the people, not the well connected. We’re also a big tent party. Sometimes, we lose that amazing sense of togetherness for bringing regular people together. We don’t have to be one issue, one candidate voters. We should be about making a difference for regular people. 

It seems obvious to me as I meet voters everywhere I go, and from seeing the results tonight and from last November, that there is so much more that we need to do to reach out in rural districts and areas. We have to do better at connecting to voters where and as they are.

We can’t make demands of the people. They should be making demands of us. 

Otherwise, the American people will continue to be underserved in Congress. And, the American people deserve more affordable healthcare, better paying jobs, more dependable services, safer communities, and the best education in the world. For many baby boomers and members of the greatest generation, these are distant memories. For others, these are dreams or highly unrealistic goals.

The 15th Congressional District of Illinois has been underserved for far too long.

Our representative has been in Congress for 22 years and doesn’t even bother meeting voters in town halls or responding directly to their concerns raised in traveling help desks.

That has to change. We have to demand better because we deserve better. 


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