Update on White County Fracking Permit

The fracking permit in White County has been placed on hold. In fact, Woolsey will have to resubmit their application. A letter was posted on the IDNR, Illinois Department of National Resources, website with the details.

Image result for white county illinois landmarks

From SAFE:

Not ONE Well!
Public Comments and Hearing on Hold!

“…a significant error was found…..this error will require us to publish again the public notice and send to the landowners the specific public notice. We understand the this change will also require us to cancel the public hearing date as well as set new dates for public comment period and public hearing. “

Assuming that Woolsey resubmits its application, we should have additional time to submit public comments. Keep a watch on IDNR webpage and if anyone would like to help prepare for the next comment period, please let us know.

We thank everyone for their efforts for the last 4 weeks. Let’s keep up the good work.

This application could be resubmitted at any moment, so we must remain vigilant to protect our towns, communities, livelihoods, and families.

Fracking on the New Madrid Seismic Zone a No Go

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