Trump-Shimkus Care a Bad Deal for Americans

If our local medical professionals have such negative opinions about Trump-Shimkus Care, shouldn’t we be a bit concerned about the negative impacts it would have on the citizens of Illinois?
“I’m just gonna leave this right here
How about instead of doing away with a whole program, we re-evaluate it.”
– in response to Kellyanne Conway’s above comments about Medicaid recipients losing coverage
When Vice President Mike Pence was Governor of Indiana, he gutted healthcare for high risk groups. He also made decisions that directly led to an HIV outbreak in Southern Indiana.
This is the same approach that the GOP-led Congress, partnered with the Trump administration, are wanting to do to the national healthcare system.
Obamacare has serious issues that must be addressed. Making the situation much worse in order to give the wealthiest a massive tax cut, in order to give the pharmaceutical industry a massive tax cut, doesn’t make any sense.
There are simple proposals that members of both parties, medical professionals, and citizens agree that could be done today to address some of the most egregious problems in Obamacare. That would immediately begin lowering the cost of healthcare for individuals and families.
Why aren’t the Republicans bringing these bipartisan proposals up for a vote? Because they’re in the pocket of big pharma, the insurance industry, and most importantly, the wealthiest Americans that don’t need a massive tax break paid for by hardworking Americans.
Give regular folks a break for once.

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