Cancer Researcher Sent Back to Iran

Since the Trump administration has taken over the country and the Congress, there has been a consistent drumbeat to ostracize religious freedom in America and Make America Weak Again.


Recently, Trump received a reprieve on its Muslim ban by the Supreme Court, allowing the administration to keep many people out of the country without cause. Certainly, we have to keep terrorists out of the country, but this ban takes what was working prior to January 20th, cooperation with Muslim Americans and allies abroad, and destroys it.



Now, a cancer researcher has been sent back to Iran after being denied entry to America. This is in addition to grandparents and many others.


The reality is that anyone can be a risk to national security. The fact is that more homegrown white American terrorists have attacked our country and killed more Americans than refugees, cancer doctors, or grandmothers. These truths have been wholly ignored in order to score cheap political points at the expense of national security.


When policy is developed through emotion and designed to evoke fear instead of prevent actual violence, it’s counterproductive, actually does more harm to our national security, and alienates America to the very people we need as allies– Muslim Americans.


This may not be a popular position, but it’s the national security position we need as a nation.


Conducting foreign policy and national security from a fear-based position is what Makes America Weak Again.


Fear is not how we should govern, nor legislate. The American people deserve real leadership, not weak-in-the-knees leadership we’ve been receiving since January 20th.


Photo Courtesy of The Washington Post.

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