Tackling Wage Stagnation

Working hard shouldn’t mean hardly eating, and the GOP has been targeting food stamps for decades. In recent years, they’ve been successful at cutting billions from the program, despite many workers needing this program to feed their families. They’re at it again, planning to cut another 25%.

The program pays for itself; for every dollar spent, SNAP generates roughly $1.75 in economic activity. Therefore, cutting these benefits makes no sense, and, these Americans deserve to put food on the table.

A relevant question to ask is why do hard working Americans need SNAP benefits to feed their families? Wage stagnation.

Since the massive failure of Reaganomics, wage stagnation has harmed not only working families but local economies for decades. It is about time we put an end to the continuing damage from this failed economic model. 

  • GOP-focused tax cuts are too often pocketed by the wealthiest. Tax cuts for the wealthiest and big businesses also have not produced sustained wage growth for workers. This has been the GOP failed strategy for decades. It’s a losing agenda for hardworking Americans.

We can do something about the wage stagnation problem now

while mitigating any short term risks for small businesses. 

  • Larger businesses should lose their massive tax cuts, and we need to eliminate loopholes. Then, these businesses can earn credits and breaks when the wage disparity within the company decreases. This means when the difference between the lowest and the highest income earners’ wages decreases significantly, the business receives a tax break.

This is what the tax code was designed to do in the first place . . . to incentivize good behavior that benefits American families and the economy. Wage growth benefits the economy. Wage stagnation benefits only the executive and administrative classes.

  • Everyone deserves a raise in a company when the company is doing well, not just those at the top. Currently, many large companies eliminate benefits, eliminate jobs, ship jobs overseas, and cut corners, all of which allows for annual raises and big bonuses at the top. Meanwhile, the workers get left behind.

This has to change.

I’ll stand with hard working Americans every day. They deserve more for their hard work. The more they take home, the more they spend where they live. Workers are the lifeblood of local economies.

  • Right now, we need an all-in strategy for American workers. Many are paying too much out-of-pocket for their healthcare, their utilities, and their expenses are too high. All of this occurs while their wages haven’t budged in years.

Let’s do something different for a change.

I’ll fight for innovative strategies.

Policies that directly impact the bottomline of households and small businesses. 

We can do better by demanding better.

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