Working Together, not Fighting Allies

Instead of fighting amongst natural allies, we should be working together.

There is nothing wrong with moderate and centrist political language as the vast majority of voters are moderates or independents. Pitting the center against the left and progressives is a concern, especially in rural America. It also doubles down on false beliefs about the Democratic Party not being about rural and midAmerica. It also doesn’t help reconnect the Party with conservative Democrats, broadening our big tent party.

Our causes and policies are aligned with the political center and voters of all stripes because they’re designed to improve the lives of American families and the vulnerable, to increase equality and opportunity for all, and to give all of us better education, healthcare, and better paying jobs.

We actually have an agenda that doesn’t gut services, schools, and healthcare in order to give tax breaks to the wealthy.

We may have different views on how to achieve these goals, but that’s where communicating respectfully and compromising to make real progress for Americans is not just necessary but vital for the future of the country. Don’t we have enough disrespect coming from enough elected officials these days?

We have to work in the short term to provide immediate relief as well as fight together to reach our long term goals. We can’t do that from the far left or from the center alone. It takes all of us persevering together for years and decades, voting in every election for decades, and making an effort to not only communicate our principles and values with others but listen to their principles and values as well.


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