Democrats for Action, not Litmus

Senate politics are different from House politics. Winning back the House isn’t easy, and Nancy Pelosi knows that personally. Blue meat like single payer doesn’t sell as well or enough in many of these conservative-leaning House districts to make a difference at the ballot box next November.

We must win back the House in order to begin making a difference for the American People again. Doing so as the minority party in Congress is simply too difficult during the next three years.

And, Americans and DACA recipients need us to do more than make simple talking point issues that are unlikely to pass a veto override.

When we have the opportunity to pass legislation once again, we must act. We must take aim at wage stagnation, at protecting healthcare, and at protecting the most vulnerable amongst us. Those are the issues I’ve been targeting in my campaign.

The country did not trust Democrats after the last healthcare overhaul. We have to reforge that trust and not by making massive promises that may not turn out the way we expect. The best of intentions are meaningless if these don’t translate to real results for people.

The rural districts have remained in the hands of the GOP for far too long and are the keys to turning the page on the broken politics of the last few decades. 

I know the voters I listen to every single day are ready for a change that will make a beneficial difference in their daily lives and in their bottom-lines. That hasn’t happened in too long of a time in too many of these districts.

The Democratic Party has to deliver for the People, not just deliver big promises and force litmus tests on its candidates and legislators.

Together, we all can achieve so much for those who haven’t had a voice in Washington, DC. 

Let’s get to it!

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