Infrastructure: All of the Above

I wanted to share a Letter to the Editor regarding a crucial economic and safety issue throughout the 15th District. If we don’t invest in infrastructure instead of just talking about it, we’re going to be struggling in new ways. I think we’ve struggled enough.

  • Infrastructure means protecting our water from lead, which is being found in some schools’ drinking water. 
  • It also means funding to fix the problem. 


  • Infrastructure means diversifying our energy economy by creating and protecting jobs in all sectors. 
  • It also means investing in renewables, like solar, wind, and biofuels.


  • Infrastructure means actually funding roads and bridges instead of just making more excuses as to why we can’t.
  • We don’t need ever increasing costs of wear and tear on vehicles due to inadequately funded roads.


  • Infrastructure means extending trails, protecting parks, lakes, and other destinations with real resources that drive tourism and new revenue throughout the area.
  • We should be a tourist haven for people from upstate, Chicago, and every state in the Midwest. 


  • Infrastructure means funding education, from pre-K through higher education, helping to stop the brain drain and keep jobs and families right here in downstate Illinois.
  • Resources earlier mean less wasted money later as the majority of brain development occurs before the age of 5.


  • Infrastructure means telecommunications and broadband.
  • The lack of broadband access in many rural areas limits economic and educational opportunities. This will create jobs, both in the short term and the long term.


  • Infrastructure means investing in freight and rail.
  • Freight and commuter rail needs an overhaul helping to bring tourists into our region for both tourism and business. We should be building rail and railcars here.

The costs of rebuilding America are high.

The costs of doing nothing are much higher. 

I will fight to rebuild this District on every level and on every day. We can only do this together and by creating jobs, in the present and for the future.

Are you with me? Are you with the people of the 15th District?