Shimkus’ Rhetoric Doesn’t Match Reality

In Rep. John Shimkus’ recent WJPF interview, he offered the usual GOP talking points demonizing Democrats. What he failed to mention is that the legislation he helped to craft and push through Congress will ultimately end up increasing deficits and debt and hand the responsibility to pay the bills to our grandchildren and great grandchildren.

The reason the Democratic Party voted against this tax scam bill is simple; the tax cuts for working people were not permanent and there were no guarantees for workers, wages, and jobs for the corporate tax cuts. The 14% tax cuts for corporations, one out of five of which currently don’t pay anything, are permanent.

That equation is backwards and citizens in the 15th District know it.

Property owners in Illinois know that dropping property tax deductions will harm too many families and farmers because of the high tax burden in Illinois. Yet, Rep. Shimkus lauds this tax scam bill as a tax cut.

He promotes his role in helping to open up of oil leases off the coast of Alaska. This actually will harm small oil and gas companies in the 15th District but benefits his largest campaign donors.

That Rep. Shimkus would vote to benefit his largest contributors should come as a shock to no one who knows the record of our two-decade incumbent representative. 

And, he’s equally proud of helping to usher in even higher premiums and deductibles for healthcare, something the 15th District absolutely does not need nor can afford.

I do appreciate his views on the news and social media. However, this legislation was not crafted as good policy for the American people or our 15th District economy. It was crafted to benefit corporate donors.

When I visit with communities, families, and workers across our great district, I’ve grown to know the diverse set of strengths, struggles, and issues that exist for all of us. I wish our representative had openness to his constituents. He just doesn’t.

If a business owner is successful here, they stay here. When workers and families are paid for their hard work, they spend that money in their communities.

This continued obsession with the failed trickle down economics model has left Central and Southern Illinois behind.

It is time for a change.

As your representative, I will always be open to listen to your concerns, I will represent every citizen in the district, and I will not support legislation that doesn’t benefit these citizens.

I’m so exhausted by the party politics that too often leave rural Illinoisans behind. I know that you are too. Our communities, our families, our businesses, and our children deserve better.

That’s why I ask for your vote in this primary.

Let’s change the direction of the 15th District and send a message to both parties that we’re tired of being underserved and ignored.