February 2018

Firearms, Rights, Action

In the last two weeks and wherever I go, the issue of gun violence has been raised. It’s a serious problem in our country.
For a few, some types of firearms are simply more important than children. And, I’m a supporter of all of our rights not special interests.

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Focused on the 15th District

My dedication and perseverance is to each and every citizen here, not some committee in Springfield or Chicago. Not some group that came up with a talking point list for politicians to regurgitate on command. 

I respond to and for the constituents of my district. That’s what they should expect from their representative, and that’s what they should demand from any candidate seeking their support and their vote in any election.

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School Threats and the Gun Debate

A number of our schools in Central and Southern Illinois have been receiving threats or rumors of threats in the wake of the Florida school shooting.

I’m tired of the ‘for or against’ culture in America because it doesn’t serve anyone.

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19 February 2018

News-Gazette Candidate Questionnaires

Here’s a side-by-side comparison between Carl and myself and how we approach the various issues.

What are your questions?

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Immigration and Economic Insecurity

This is about depressed wages, fewer opportunities for Union workers, and lack of fairness for taxpayers. 
Just like this mother is fighting for her family’s future, these families are fighting for the future of their children.

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