School Threats and the Gun Debate

A number of our schools in Central and Southern Illinois have been receiving threats or rumors of threats in the wake of the Florida school shooting.
School administrators are working with local law enforcement, and parents are often left with little clear information. This obviously leaves them concerned for the safety and well-being of their children.
This is why instead of this onslaught of one side pitting neighbor against neighbor, party vs. party about gun rights and gun control we should be finding some common ground on how to move forward to better protect our schools and communities.
I’m tired of the ‘for or against’ culture in America
because it doesn’t serve anyone.
Special interests and the loudest, most belligerent voices
end up winning instead of the American People.
Isn’t it about time we do something different in America that serves our future?

2 responses to “School Threats and the Gun Debate”

  1. We need to be registering the High School students. The Parkland Massacre has moved the High School students to take action and they are not afraid of the Republicans and the NRA who have done nothing except let the gun violence kill students and adults all over this country. I’m tired of hearing that “guns kill people” and it’s too soon to talk about gun violence after killing innocent people.

    1. Kevin Gaither, former nominee, 15th Congressional District, Illinois, 2018. – 15th District of Illinois – Fighting for the People of Illinois

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