On Tariffs and Trade

I’m all for a reinvigorated American-based steel industry. We need these jobs to come back to America. Our Union workers do a better job and our environmental standards have decreased emissions dramatically. Chinese steel doesn’t abide by such restrictions.

My response to any of these knee-jerk tweet and administrate actions is to remain cautious, keeping watch on actual implementation.

Certainly, this will increase the price of steel and aluminum. It will also increase the prices of anything made from both. Not only does that increase inflation risks but it could lead to layoffs in the manufacturing sector.

I discussed these very concerns with a machinist in Bond County last night.

These hard working Americans haven’t received wage increases in years and this will make certain they won’t for the longterm. 

Trade is vital. Making certain our trade policy is targeted in the best way to protect American jobs, grow good paying jobs, and increase wages is vital. These tariffs were not crafted with precision and a strategy to protect American workers.

Congress too often chooses to sit on the sidelines of trade, giving fast track authority to the White House.

We need to elect representatives that listen to workers, stand up for workers’ rights, and start doing their jobs. The people deserve nothing less than that. 

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