Gun Sanctuaries and Broken Immigration

Part of my job is to create new options that can bring people with seemingly disparate positions together.

We have to acknowledge that for many people the fear and anxiety are real and work within that reality. The people matter and their voices haven’t been heard in too long.

Many have bought into the NRA propaganda, which is relentless. Also, the politics on Second Amendment rights and how it parallels to broken immigration policy cannot be ignored.

These types of politically toxic policies are an outgrowth of our increasingly divided nation.

Instead of discussing options on how to move forward together, our country and state are falling further and further behind.

Meanwhile, actions like gun sanctuaries and sanctuary cities are sowing more division and derision into both our communities and our politics. This is because there is no constructive debate on reasonable reforms on either guns or immigration in Congress.

Working families are financially stressed and have been enduring wage stagnation for too long.

Rural America hasn’t had a voice in Congress in decades.

With few choices on the ballot, there has to be someone or something to blame, so incumbents often use divisive issues to excuse their lack of results.

Enough is Enough.

I’m tired of the excuses. I know you are too.

It is high time we started understanding why we react so strongly to issues and figure out how we can begin to respond instead. 

Aren’t we ready for our immigration system to move into the 21st century? 

Aren’t we ready for people to be held accountable for their own firearms?

It’s utterly clear that one size does not fit all. However, if the two sides can’t even sit down and discuss these issues in a responsible manner nothing will ever improve.

Under the current broken system, wages are depressed because some employers can pay starvation wages to those who are living here illegally.

Under the current broken system, some firearm owners aren’t being held accountable when their firearms are used by children and others in violence. 

We don’t have to ban weapons to better protect people. There are real common ground approaches the majority of Americans have wanted passed in Congress for decades.

We don’t have to have an open door policy to fix our borders and immigration system securely, compassionately, and affordably. There are real common ground approaches the majority of Americans have wanted passed in Congress for decades.

Instead of every group remaining entrenched,

let’s get to work and solve these problems together. 

Aren’t we sick of the partisan bickering, the pundit speculating, and the status quo strangling us all?

I know I am. That’s why I’m running for Congress because I’m sick of both parties doing nothing but make our problems worse.

My objectives are simple.

  • Bring different perspectives to the table
  • Stop kicking the can to the next generation
  • Stop making excuses as to why nothing changes
  • Begin solving our problems together

Nothing great is accomplished in America without us working together. That is how we landed on the Moon, how we stopped Ebola in Africa, and how we’ve been that beacon on the hill for over two centuries.

We’re not perfect, but we strive to become a more perfect union. It’s about time we get back to that hallowed goal.

(Photo Courtesy of Chicago Tribune, Rich Saal/AP)

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