Challenging Extremism at Home

There is so much mistaken in “Jesus Made Adam and Eve, Not Adam and Steve.” It appears this statement was intentionally crafted to be political, divisive and discriminatory.
That’s a great deal of ignorance and damage to pack into only nine words. Heaven help any child who reads such a hateful message.
If we rely on Genesis, Adam and Eve were created by God, not Jesus. If we’re also going by the Bible, God made Adam, Eve and Steve.
Aren’t all of God’s creatures worthy of compassion, understanding and love?
Jesus even mentions homosexuality in Matthew 19:11-12, referring to those “who have been so from birth.” He goes further saying, “Let anyone accept this who can.
Apparently, some modern day churches struggle with accepting people for who they are. We see this in the recent decisions by the United Methodist Church.
Jesus was clear that the judgments that we use against others will be the standard applied to ourselves.
I’m fairly confident that critics of my opinion will pull out various scripture to defend their belief that discrimination and judgment of homosexuality and even race is acceptable Christian practice.
Based on that standard, no one should be casting stones, as most of our modern lives could never live up to all of the rules written into the Old Testament.
This begs the question, why do these select churches focus on discrimination of homosexuality to continue to rally their flock against others in their families, congregations and communities?
Fear and anxiety is a potent motivator as is hate and animosity. Isn’t it time to focus on our unmet needs as opposed to how we can rip each other apart through judgment and discrimination?
It is stunning that in an area struggling with poverty and suffering that some churches focus on divisive messages instead of actions to bring about relief from suffering.
These churches have become arms of the Republican Party, pushing an agenda that is abusive to children, breaks apart families as well as creating animosity between neighbors. Those weren’t the Christian values I was raised to believe were vital to both faith and service.
It’s time to challenge this sort of broken orthodoxy that has led to suicide, depression, anxiety and disability.
There’s a reason we have Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion in this country. It’s because any one religion and any extremist approach to its religious texts is dangerous, especially when it uses our government to punish family and neighbor alike.
I believe we are a stronger nation when we come together with common purpose. Some believe the days of working together are long over. I’ll never give up faith in our country, her people and our dream of a more perfect union.
Remember, “love thy neighbor as thyself.”

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