Rep. Shimkus is Retiring

Rep. John Shimkus is retiring. Many good wishes to him and his family.

Rep. Shimkus reached the same decision as many other Republicans have been making.

Ask most farmers, they’re over President Trump’s Trade and Tariff War.

Ask businesses, both small and large, the growing uncertainty in the Trump economy is making life more difficult.

Ask working families, they’ve not received much if any of the benefits of the Trump-Republican massive tax cuts that have created historic Trillion Dollar Deficits.

It would be difficult for anyone to defend let alone to fight to prolong these failing economic policies for our rural communities.

After Labor Day, I’ll be making an announcement as to our plan and strategy for raising up the 15th District.

Have a safe and wonderful Labor Day Weekend!

2 responses to “Rep. Shimkus is Retiring”

  1. Rep.Shimkus made light of the impeachment signing when he made fun of the speaker for passing out pens.I did not ever vote for Shimkus but always respected his positions and moral compass up until now.Now that he has no skin in the game I guess it’s ok to add to the trumpism and everything it entails.So long Shimkus.

  2. Kevin Gaither, former nominee, 15th Congressional District, Illinois, 2018. – 15th District of Illinois – Fighting for the People of Illinois

    Rep. Shimkus is in a flurry to have some bill passed with his name on it because in 25 years he hasn’t met that benchmark.

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