Farm Bailouts and Trade Strategy

Farm incomes may increase this year over last year, but incomes would have shrunk without the Trump Tariff and Trade Farm bailouts.
The Trump Tariff and Trade Farm bailouts are double what the Obama Auto bailouts were initially. Both bailouts are and were essential to protecting America’s economy.
Let’s be clear on something. Ultimately, taxpayers were paid back all but $10 billion of those auto bailouts. Taxpayers will never see these bailouts to farmers repaid.
There also is another fundamental difference. President Trump’s failing Tariff and Trade War is a self-created crisis without a strategy to win it.
The mixed messages coming out of his Twitter feed about false trade deals are designed to keep farmers from falling out of line before the 2020 election.
Let’s face it. If President Trump loses a good chunk of his support among farmers, he’s in real trouble in 2020.
In the space of 24 hours, Americans can hear from President Trump that there will be a big Phase 1 trade deal, only hours later to be told that there will be no trade deal and more tariffs are coming, and later in the day there’s encouraging word that something for farmers will be coming soon. “Trust me,” he says.
Of course, President Trump has been playing musical chairs with farmers, trade and China for over two years, and the only one with any trade deals in America seems to be Ivanka Trump.
I’m not sure about anyone else, but I don’t believe a dang thing he says about trade.
> We need a strategy.
> We need to sell our goods.
> We need a new direction.
> We need people in Congress to make sure these trade deals don’t get rubber stamps but are good for farmers, American workers and for American jobs.
Ask anyone, I’m relentless when it comes to the details. The details matter in every trade agreement. 
Can we trust that President Trump will be?

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