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Last night, Dennis Austin, the county chair of the Hardin County Democratic Party, asked me to attend their county meeting in Cave-in-Rock. I jumped at the chance to visit with voters, and if anyone hasn’t been down to this part of the state, you definitely should make it a priority. 

As on nearly every drive I ever take in the 15th, something blessed happens. Right outside Norris City sat a glorious bald eagle in the middle of the brightest green grass you’ll ever see. Such a sight of strength, elegance and serenity.

I would have stopped to take a picture, but I had zero seconds to spare. 

Literally, I arrived at 6 in Cave-in-Rock. 

It stunned me when I walked into the room and Dennis shakes my hand and tells me they had endorsed our campaign for the 15th Congressional District. #Gaither15IL

I don’t take that lightly. It is a honor and with deep respect that I accept their endorsement. 

Hardin County is one of the toughest counties I’ve ever been through, and it has a special place in my heart. 

I’m thrilled that the Rosiclare Public Library will be receiving a contribution from Appellate Court Judge Judy Cates after hearing some of the stories I’ve told on the campaign trail. She’s running for Illinois Supreme Court. You’ll never find anyone more fair than her. 

The other night when I was up in Bond County at a Democratic BBQ, I sat down with some voters after we all got done speaking. They asked me if I was the only Democrat running in this race. I just might be. #Gaither15IL

I believe strongly in supporting American workers, that America prospers when American workers are paid more. #Gaither15IL

I believe strongly in reforming the American healthcare system, because America prospers when Americans are healthier and don’t go broke when they’re sick. #Gaither15IL

I believe strongly in rebuilding America, because when we invest in American infrastructure, those are union jobs that can’t be outsourced. #Gaither15IL

I believe strongly in educating and training Americans, because a highly educated and trained workforce promotes a strong Middle Class and more informed voters. #Gaither15IL

I believe strongly in supporting our American seniors, veterans and people living with disabilities, because living in poverty makes us more unhealthy which is more costly in the long run. #Gaither15IL

We’re not going to get to a better future for our children without funding our priorities and ignoring the tough realities staring us directly in the face.

That is why I continue to show up in community after community, listening and learning, and then doing something about it.

Call Dennis Austin and ask him why the Hardin County Democratic Party endorsed our campaign. We’re similar in how we answer questions. Directly. We’ve also been endorsed by the Chicago Tribune.

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