June 2020

Don’t Buy Trump; Fight for Change

Let’s do better than crying about crowd size and hand size! Let’s finally replace the pipes in Flint, MI! Let’s do what we haven’t done in the last 4 years or the last 40 years by investing in the best in each other, not the worst!

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Covid Spikes, Trump Attempts Hail Mary

Why is it that Trump can say anything, do anything . . . do nothing for them and their communities . . . but because he can say anything and do anything toward the people that actually do things for their communities . . . that makes their support stronger for Trump?

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Coming Out Bi Creates Rift with Church of God

Just days later after delivering that message about love, he drove into my hometown, walked into the Church of God and wouldn’t even listen to a mother he not only had a predisposition to disagree with but he also didn’t love enough to have an open mind to hear her expressions of love and devotion to Christ.

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Why are White Facebooking Fire Chiefs Free and Black Men are not?

I have seen black people thrown in jail, charged with federal crimes, and hefty bail applied for posting and promoting violence, riots and looting. Why not these white public officials? Is there a disparity at work here? If you believe the gentleman in Wichita, Arkansas and Peoria should be held accoutnable, why is Fire Chief Dunovsky any different?

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9 June 2020

Trump Calls for Retreat Abroad

Trump has called for a 25% reduction in troops in Germany. Since Russian annexation of Crimea, American troop withdrawals from Europe are sending the message that Putin’s territorial aggression in Eastern Europe means America will turn tail on allies and retreat.

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Cop Stops Trash Pickup: Insight into Dismiss and Discredit

We all have little to no concept of what another person has been through, what level of empathy and how the traumas that have been perpetrated upon themselves and upon so many others has compounded and distilled an understanding of a situation that you may not yet be capable of appreciating.

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