BS: No More All Lives Matter

I’m officially done with a bunch of idiots in my orbit. And, I’m not even sorry. It was a blessing to have learned a great deal about other people.

The level of cognitive dissonance in people outweighs their willingness to expand their compassion, understanding and any amount of patience that I could inject into the effort, which usually felt it was not reciprocal.

It really took George being killed, the country, and myself, having been through so much, and for their inability to have one shred of compassion or understanding for any appearance of genuineness to begin to evaporate.

The vacuum of genuineness was evident in a complete application of double standards that was just impossible to continue to stomach every single moment of interaction.

And, as much as it took for the nation to get to this critical place, I couldn’t possibly relate from a true space of presence and awareness if I allowed this to continue.

Which is why I am not going to just sit and meet people, discuss their fascination with “All Lives Matter” and their lack of curiosity about why that’s completely ridiculous, offensive and with no regard for anyone who has lost anyone to violence or has had violence done to them.

Let’s just remember what we wouldn’t do . . . we wouldn’t go into a funeral where the mother is sobbing or yelling at God over the loss of her son to cancer, and demand that everyone talk about all the other people that have died of other things.

And, why would we not go into any funeral, any household, any community and make demands about everyone that is deeply affected by the tragedy and the trauma that they are enduring? Forcing them to not be present and aware of what they’re doing, how they’re feeling and the people that are experiencing the same loss?

Because it is wrong.

It is more than wrong, actually. It is deeply retraumatizing. It is abusive as well.

The people that insist that they really want to help. Just let them know what to do. But, the people that are literally in the building to make demands about this issue are not there wanting to help anyone in the building. These people are there wanting everyone inside to help them make an uncomfortable focus on a tragedy and trauma that has their subconscious rattled, for whatever reason.

We do not have to figure this out for anyone. We cannot figure it out for anyone either. If they haven’t got the clue yet, the chances are about nothing they’re going to pick it up from a conversation with me.

So, don’t be abusive. If you are . . . I’m not taking the abuse anymore. I don’t care if you don’t see it as such.

You can stuff your eyes full of bullshit. You can pull that bullshit out of your mouth and call it wanting to help. You can even spread your bullshit all over the place for days and days.

And, when things start to stink, and you start complaining about the stench . . . even then, you won’t own that either.

So, take your All Lives Matter and keep it to yourselves.

It is the least you could do because it is your shit to deal with . . . not ours. If you make it our problem, that will become another problem for you.

And, if you’re coming to white people to seek reassurance for your All Lives Matter bullshit . . . that’s another freight train of bullshit you’re spreading around.

Be honest with yourself and talk to someone in the BLM movement. But, that would be actually challenging your cognitive dissonance a bit too much.

Stop stinking up my world. I don’t need your bullshit. There’s plenty more coming down the pipeline in 2020.

And, I appreciate everyone’s patience, compassion and understanding . . . for myself, for others and even for those folks.

I am just out of this..

I have seen too much to sit through another bullshit conversation.

And, there are great and many substantive conversations to be had, actions to be planned, and reforms to be take place to be stuck in the bullshit spin cycle where all I end up doing is smelling like someone else’s bullshit and getting blamed for it anyway.

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