Out of the Silo

“Get any candidate ready, good or bad, I don’t care, I’m endorsing. If you have a pulse, I’m with you!” the president concluded.

President Trump, New York Times

Yes, speak up, speak out, do what you can for your communities, and President Trump will embarrass you and punish you with his authority and connections.

This all sounds familiar to me. 

Republicans have the political party they always wanted. 

People are afraid:

  • To criticize their leader, 
  • To end bad policies, 
  • To stop doing unproductive things, 
  • To stop being against beneficial things. 

Has anyone else wondered in all of this … if it took THIS to move 1 resignation, to move Mattis to criticize, and only 4 Republican Senators …

If it took this handful of Republicans this much, how much more is the entire Republican Party not being honest with self, with citizen, with country and soul about what is holding our country and our communities back?

And, let’s be honest with ourselves. The Democratic Party and progressive movement do the same song and dance.

It is simply easier to follow along.

To stand and challenge orthodoxy based on knowledge, information, experience, reason and heart is unwelcome nearly everywhere you go.

Government agencies and the bureaucracy that protect them, are also resistant to any challenge, any reform and any such assistance at analyzing itself for fault and form.

This is why tackling the system that allowed a police officer to press his knee into the back of the neck of George Floyd until he died is nearly guaranteed to fail.

We need to embrace that hard, cold reality, use it to stiffen our spines, and press forward with protest and passion. 

This will be a long, hard fight. There is not much room to work with elected officials nor most of the candidates that have already been selected by the flawed primary process across our country.

I don’t see any real solutions or proposals anywhere to reverse any of the long term trends, to break us of any of the long held mistaken beliefs, and to address any of the long known inequities and injustices that litter our history and lives today.

We need innovative ideas that reconnect each American household to a reimagined American Dream. That American Dream for many, black and brown, LGBTQ, has never been realized or protected, by law or by system. 

We have siloed ourselves off from embracing something new as much as we have precluded ourselves from walking out of that silo from someone that was never capable of embracing us to begin with.

Do I applaud Sen.Murkowski for, again, making a more courageous choice than most of her Republican colleagues?


Do I believe enough people will appreciate the deeper, underlying message that has been sent along with President Trump’s threat of retaliation?

Belief is difficult to appreciate, even within ourselves.

The following is always the case:

It isn’t even until we make a decision or take an action that our belief that allowed us to make it or take it was established.

From that moment onward, for most people, the facts, the logic, the impact on self and other, are all either disregarded or warped or even altered to prove that our action and our decision was the best one and continues to be.

Does this remind you of people that you have been discussing issues with passionately of late yet cannot seem to cross that final threshold of understanding?

This stubborn process is what stands between the status quo and making true reform a living reality.

Be aware of what the real resistance is to the reforms that are needed and demanded.

There will always be new material for any resistant party to derail reform efforts. Understanding this resistance factor is always present within each of us is the beginning of stepping out of the silo and embracing a new way.

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