Media Mistaken, Mayor Resigns, Chief Walks

This article was heading in one direction. Then, I watched the news from last night and it headed in an entirely different direction. 

First, WCIA-3 should get their act together. 

Maybe, they couldn’t fathom that the Mayor would actually resign when the Fire Chief only called for shooting looters. It doesn’t make a lot of sense still, but maybe there’s more to the story, right?

The ‘more to the story’ is that WCIA-3’s reporting was completely wrong about what Lincoln Fire Chief Dunovsky posted, which is likely why he gets away with this garbage. 

We should not allow Dunovsky to learn this lesson while a good public servant like Seth Goodman takes the fall.

The real story is that Dunovsky’s fake apology and claims of never having any ill intent, that he thought residents would find this “cute, amusing, or even funny,” would ring hollow and would have brought an avalanche of outrage if WCIA-3 had reported the story accurately.

What did Dunovsky’s post actually promote and what was his apology?

The beginning of that post actually promotes the robbery of residents, not about stopping looting, as WCIA-3’s reporting claimed. 

No wonder Seth Goodman felt like he must resign.

The city council had just unanimously approved Dunovsky’s reappointment as fire chief last month, and apparently, the media is incapable of telling the true story about Dunovsky’s posts.

Dunovsky’s posts create a toxic atmosphere of political intimidation, and the position as fire chief that he holds allows him to cover up any crimes in the future.

Another post of Dunovsky says that the next Civil War won’t be “North vs. South. It will be Americans vs. Democrats.” 

Now, I didn’t find the first message funny. There’s no humor in this either. It also is a pattern.

There is no place for a man with zero integrity, zero ability to be honest with the public, and that could allow an elected public servant to resign when that person had nothing to do with the problem he created. 

Dunovsky must go, and Lincoln won’t be safe until he does. Before I dig deeper into the threat poses, I do want to talk about the Lincoln City Council, and about the former mayor of Lincoln.

Anyone who has ever been present to witness the business of a town being hammered out, budgeted and agreed upon knows that it is quite serious and meticulous. In reading some of the minutes of their council meetings, this appears to be the case in Lincoln.

The resignation of the Mayor Seth Goodman seems like such loss for the town. I read the comments wishing him farewell, and it was very moving. 

Seth Goodman’s story runs not just directly through Lincoln but rises above it as well.

I believe Goodman’s decision to resign was an attempt to rise above and fast forward his exit from political life, just not in a hot air balloon that he actually designed and constructed while bringing back the Hot Air Balloon festival to celebrate the town last year. 

It’s unfortunate that nothing would move fire chief Dunovsky to do the right thing, even someone else taking the fall for him. The city council is likely going to have to take a vote and remove him from the position they unanimously voted him into just last month.

Before I posted about the mayor’s resignation, I did my due diligence as I always strive to do. Additionally, his resignation was not a good outcome. The fake apology from Dunovsky most certainly wasn’t either. 

For the most part, a surface exploration shows that the majority of the other council members are dedicated to Lincoln, Illinois, the residents they serve, promoting small businesses and working together to achieve results.

I watched videos of Mayor Goodman with a handful of the alderman working to promote the census, businesses and the community. I was thrilled to see such hands on and collaborative efforts. 

Perhaps, this is what triggered Dunovsky’s series of posts, witnessing true public servants at work. Lincoln will miss their mayor. 

And, Dunovsky will remain in a position to do real damage if he sees to it. A fire chief has real responsibilities and most have real trust with a community. 

When numerous people came to me with the same report of a fire chief threatening local democrats, I didn’t believe it was possible. I checked into it, corroborated it from multiple sources, and went to work.

What Dunovsky promoted was the robbing of Democratic homes. These homes would be easy to spot with Biden signs. They would be unarmed. And, the Trump supporters would go in and blow their heads off.

  • A fire chief has the duty of coming to our rescue in a time of horror.
  • Imagine if he’s actually there to destroy any evidence left over that the fire didn’t burn.
  • Worse yet, what if he’s there to plant evidence to frame minorities or political rivals?

Think that is farfetched? 

It isn’t in Illinois, where Country Club Hills Fire Department fabricated evidence to frame a black fire lieutenant. Racially charged remarks were reported by the victim but went unanswered.

The bench trial ended in acquittal. 

Does any of this sound familiar?

People in power can abuse that power to harass, intimidate, attack, imprison or kill others, using their power and influence to get away with  disgusting, disturbed deeds.

  • Dunovsky doesn’t have just one post. He has multiple posts that lay out his extremist ideology.
  • He has already let someone else take the fall for his behavior. 

What lesson did he learn?

  • He can get away with anything while doing it in front of everyone, even while the news investigates.

Too bad it was an inaccurate story by WCIA-3.

Mayor Goodman is a good man that cared to get involved in the management of his town. He appeared to be deeply engaged and working with others that were similarly motivated.

I do hope the citizens of Lincoln wake up today and consider the true threat that exists, the power that Duvonksy holds, and the apparent capacity he has to have others like Mayor Goodman take the fall while he walks away unencumbered.

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