Cop Stops Trash Pickup: Insight into Dismiss and Discredit

InTheNow has this video up without the entire body cam video. I have it all. It is one of the most distressing videos you will see. So, please be careful.

It’s actually worse with the entire body cam video . . . because you see how this gentleman did comply with orders that were reasonable, but the cop demanded something that was beyond reasonable.

What person carries with them proof of where they live if their ID doesn’t have the same address as where they are living?.

There’s a lot of stress and tension added with a great deal of fear and anxiety that has so much genuine foundation to support many conclusions as well as actions in confrontations like this.

We all have little to no concept of what another person has been through, what level of empathy and how the traumas that have been perpetrated upon themselves and upon so many others has compounded and distilled an understanding of a situation that you may not yet be capable of appreciating.

That is why if the first inclination is to dismiss or, even worse, discredit a person’s perspective, there is a part of your worldview involved that needs that person’s perspective to not be true or not to have any impact on your life.

Both of the internalized options of dismiss and discredit offer insight into what paralyzes our political process and creates refusal where reform would naturally replace it.

I dig deeper because I want to not just know, I want to understand. Understanding is how you develop a foundation upon which to build the relationship and trust necessary for communication.

  • This video is an opportunity.
  • Challenge the urge to dismiss or discredit.

If you were sitting on your patio, would you be asked to prove you lived there?

Having provided and shown some identification, even having offered to leave where you live, just needing the identification you had given back but having been refused, what would you do?

I know people will say, they would not have responded as this man did.

They were not this man. And, would those people be picking up trash?

The way we respond to challenging stimuli, it offers insight into who we are and where we are with other people and who they are and where they happen to be.

Are we growing or are we in the way of growth?

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