Why are White Facebooking Fire Chiefs Free and Black Men are not?

Posting the violent targeting of political enemies, especially by public officials, is a serious problem in America.

As more George Floyd and BLM protests are being disrupted by terrorists plowing through the peaceful attendants, it begs some questions.

Where do these terrorists receive these violent ideas?

Lincoln Fire Chief Bob Dunovsky may have an idea about this, as he continues in his position after posting messages that target Democrats as the enemy of America, and anyone in his community that posts a Biden or Bernie political sign in their yard as targets for robbing and killing by Trump supporters.

West Virginia fire chief was fired for wearing a shirt “All Lives Splatter” this week.

(Parkersbug News & Sentienl)

Rio Vista Fire Department Chief was fired for calling for shooting looters. “Start blasting!!!! They will go home. Once they see their dead friends on the freeway things will calm quick.”

There are numerous other fire chiefs across the country that have been protected by the media as well as the communities they were pledged to protect from the vile, violent and dangerous messages that they have promoted through social media.

Are some communities enabling and protecting officials while targeting young black men?

I have seen black people thrown in jail, charged with federal crimes, and hefty bail applied for posting and promoting violence, riots and looting. Why not these white public officials? Is there a disparity at work here?

In Arkansas, two men were arrested for a posting on social media that was alleged to incite a riot.

Wichita police are focused on two young men, one 19 the other 20, who were both arrested for suspicion of incitement of riot. Later, they both were released, with a promise from local police that federal authorities would be pressed to indict with formal charges.

Just up the road from Lincoln in Peoria, Ca’Quintez Gibson is now facing federal incite riot charges for his posts on social media, which are quite incendiary. Of course, he is not a public official, either.

It certainly seems promoting violence in messages online is met harshly only if you’re black.

Meanwhile, the loudest citizens of Lincoln rally behind Fire Chief Bob Dunovsky, even as more messages come to light.

Tracy Mattingly

I remain vigilant in this pursuit for the end of political intimidation through violence and threats, as well as the end of the disparity between white public officials and black men.

There is no reason, no excuse and when you are guilty of it, and your apology is a joke, you should not be in a position to cover up, clean up, and manage crime scenes as Fire Chief Bob Dunovsky continues to enjoy.

Tuesday night is the Lincoln City Council meeting, at 7 PM CST. Join the LIVESTREAM VIDEO!

Do not let violent political intimidation take over American small town culture again. Do not let it continue. Do not enable it.

We should not have to live in communities where anyone, but especially racial, cultural or political minorities, should feel intimidated by anyone, and especially not by a public official.

It just should never happen. It should never be acceptable.

If you believe the gentleman in Wichita, Arkansas and Peoria should be held accountable, why is Fire Chief Dunovsky any different?

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