Covid Spikes, Trump Attempts Hail Mary

After complaining about accurate news coverage of himself, President Trump then called for a year in prison for anyone caught exercising their free speech by burning an American Flag.

It is a Hail Mary from the leader of a political party that has few vestiges of itself that have not been exposed for the double standard, chockfull of lies that they have always been but are more obvious now than they have ever been before.

Photo, NYT

Does he really care that much about the American Flag or does he care more about dividing America?

It’s a tragic day, regardless.

  • Listening to President Trump lie about NATO, lie about Germany, lie about Russia, lie about our allies. And, the only person this benefits is not our allies and certainly isn’t the national security of America . . . it’s Russia and any of our adversaries.

  • Listening to President Trump boast about abusing our National Guard, using them to violate the constitutional civil liberties and rights of American citizens in Washington, D.C.. This sends a message to the military leaders, to our soldiers fighting COVID-19 and our freedom abroad and at home, and to our adversaries.

  • Listening to President Trump tell exactly what he is doing, what he has done and to have them cheer– chilling.

At least it’s not a big crowd.

Certainly, not the 19,000 that was promised.

It’s not always about the little things.

The crowd doesn’t seem all that excited in what he’s saying, either.

It’s a fairly scripted speech.

Trump adds his bits of racist sprinkles and white nationalist flavor, promoting ICE and the other federal agencies that he has used in our names to project violence, abuse, intimidation, violation and murder upon American citizens and other human beings.

It is all not so subtle.

Certainly not as subtle as many of the memes that appear to support police and other memes that appear to support protesters that support other agendas. entirely.

What are we going to do needs to shift to what am I going to do every single day until Election Day.

President Trump can tell these people lies or the truth, it does not matter.

President Trump can dismantle the pandemic response team 2 years before the largest pandemic the world has seen in over a century, and rural Republicans still blame their Democratic Governor for being successful where President Trump did everything he could to make that success impossible.

President Trump can end student loan forgiveness. He can make it easier for loan sharks and for profit colleges to take advantage of our veterans. He can do and say anything, then claim the VA is better than ever after getting rid of anyone in the VA that was calling out the problems within it.

But . . . the only people who will believe him will never believe a truth that they can turnaround their own communities . . . or that Trump could have helped them in that effort.

Why is it that Trump can say anything, do anything . . . do nothing for them and their communities . . . but because he can say anything and do anything toward the people that actually do things for their communities . . . that makes their support stronger for Trump?

Is it the promise of a better Supreme Court? Of more radical judges on the bench across the country?

Is that really all that matters to people that continue to support this?

I think there’s something more to it. Trump seizes on a wound he shares with people and instead of using that to help he wields it like Lucille.

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