Don’t Buy Trump; Fight for Change

Staged self-deprecation, to rally supporters to have his back because he’s had their backs . . . I’m not buying it, are you? (Featured Image: Boston Globe)

Boston Globe

Donald Trump is a man obsessed with his image. There is not one bit of his appearance that doesn’t go through the filter of how his supporters will respond to it.

This dejected, unwanted, and unappreciated Trump . . . possibly unstable and capable of anything . . . one caller said on Julie Mason‘s The Press Pool on Sirius XM’s POTUS . . .

‘Pay attention to me.’

The fact that the media has been obsessed with one Trump comment about stalling testing is typical.

That the media hasn’t connected that comment to the CDC’s entire first set of COVID-19 tests being contaminated due to CDC labs being contaminated is both typical and ludicrous.

The media can’t suggest it because if they did they’d have to find legislators to ask on camera if they were going to do their job of finding out the answers to this question.

And, when testing was thrown into disarray by the CDC contamination, it undermined every single state’s efforts to respond effectively to the pandemic.

 (C)ontamination in the labs might have been the culprit . . . (S)pokesman for the C.D.C., Benjamin Haynes, asserted that it was still just a possibility and that the agency was still awaiting the formal findings of H.H.S. In a statement, however, he acknowledged that the agency’s quality control measures were insufficient during the coronavirus test development.

Instead of doing actual journalism, the cable news networks do what they do best . . . become the Obsession Industrial Complex for the Trump Alt-News Network. Never actually coming up with an answer, just the never ending dreaded question that keeps the cycle perpetuating itself like our criminal justice system does convictions and probation violations.

It’s painful, it’s hysterical, and it’s boring.

  • Why can’t the rest of America see through this BS?
  • It would be great to have something to get excited about on the other side, wouldn’t it?
  • Someone or something to rally behind——–How about some issues?

  • Let’s do better than over 123,000 dead Americans in less than 6 months!
  • Let’s do better than screwing up testing for what killed those Americans from the get go!
  • Let’s do better than crying about crowd size and hand size!

Let’s finally replace the pipes in Flint, MI!

Let’s replace the pipes in every other community in America!

  • It has to be done!
  • It protects children!
  • It protects our future!
  • It’s American jobs that can’t be outsourced!

Stop saying it’s up to Flint! That’s extremely disrespectful.


Because we need to do something different.

  • Let’s invest in our communities!
  • Let’s invest in our schools!
  • Let’s invest in our roads! Bridges! Jobs!
  • Let’s invest in our children and in our teachers!
  • Let’s invest in real small businesses, workers, healthcare, training, trade!

Let’s do what we haven’t done in the last 4 years or the last 40 years by investing in the best in each other, not the worst!

That’s what I would like to see.

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