Bolton Tenure: Keep The Lie Going

Anyone who has paid attention to President Trump won’t be surprised by any of the revelations in Bolton’s book drop. Perhaps, the depth of Donald Trump’s ignorance runs deeper than many believed possible, even John Bolton.

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We had to wait 139 days to find out that Bolton only knew enough to make money later but did not know enough that he was confident enough to signal the alarm during his 520 days to drop the 25th Amendment hammer upon this failed presidency.

It takes too much courage to call the President of the United States incompetent during your service. It takes too much courage because it is difficult to take action when not knowing the final outcomes of any effort.

I think that’s the biggest issue for Bolton when he considered testifying. Bolton had the same issue before him during his 520 days as National Security Advisor. He could not control the outcome during any of those days either.

Perhaps, this is why the title of his book is about a room instead of any accomplishments that were made while he was inside or outside that room.

The only accomplishment that I can see Bolton made was making Trump’s presidency last 520 more days, giving it 520 more days of any credibility, and then giving it 139 more days from the end of the impeachment trial until the publishing date to potentially get another Supreme Court nominee if a vacancy were to become available.

And, the man still sits in that Oval Office not reading Presidential Daily Briefings, the man still sits in that Oval Office passing the buck, the man still sits in that Oval Office after 127,000 Americans have died from a pandemic that he personally oversaw the dismantling of the Pandemic Response Team less then 2 years prior, the man still sits there while promoting our enemies.

Trump claiming he didn’t disband the Pandemic Response Team in 2018. Trump disbanding the Pandemic Response Team.

Imagine what would have happened if Bolton had decided he would no longer work for the Trump Administration when he could not testify to defend or condemn the Trump Administration before Congress.

Likely, that was a decision he had made before he took the job before he took the oath that he never had any subconscious intention of honoring when he answered Trump’s first call.

  • How many other officials are in the Trump Administration right now that won’t stand up and pull the 25th Amendment escape hatch for our nation?
  • How many other officials are in the Trump Administration right now that would prefer to cash in rather than testify before Congress and, would not just testify to save their own asses but do so with complete openness, complete honesty and with no regard for their own hides?

My guess would be the number of those individuals in this administration is zero. Many would argue that number in any administration is zero.

That’s the real deep state threat. It’s from the people Trump brought with him into that room.

Complete immunity would still be unlikely to dislodge the whole truth because it still would leave a stain on their careers bigger than the reality that they actually took a job in the Trump Administration to begin with.

Realistically, anyone who is shown into “the room” would have to have bought into the “alternative facts” and reality-based circus of Trump’s worldview, which is not governed by anything less than the whims of the loudest, mostly white, mostly male voices that have successfully linked with Christians in a Course not of Miracles but of Wholesale Ignorance.

That should not surprise anyone either, considering the ignorance running through every single community in America that continues to support Donald Trump, which is a high and significant number.

In fact, modern American Christians are no different from their pandemic predecessors. The Black Death gave Christians an opportunity to persecute Jewish people. If you’re looking for something more recent, and more disturbing for me, look no further than President Ronald Reagan and AIDS.

I would say Christianity and the Republican Party have moved beyond persecution of minorities and toward the more lofty goal of political and judicial aspirations. If they can use aversion to face-masks to keep people voting for President Trump and Republicans, they just might be able to tip the courts further in a direction that takes our nation in a very dark direction backward.

If you want to see how far we can fall, how deep a hole we can dig, just wait until real American rights are decimated for generations. Just wait until the Christian Church, or someone’s version of it, is taking millions from your public schools to further radicalize people in your communities.

Suddenly, the value of those 520 days Bolton sat in his position, and those 139 days we waited for his book to be published after the trial was over, begin to seem as large as the 293 days that President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee sat before the Senate, twice as long as any other Supreme Court nominee in American history.

What is not mentioned in Bolton’s book? Evangelical Christianity.

Why does he not mention Evangelical Christianity when he began his tenure as National Security Advisor talking about the importance of religious freedom? I can connect the dots.

520-139-293 = 88

It’s a coincidence. When I did that math, I couldn’t believe it myself. I just can’t.

To me, the numerical fancy is meaningless (88 is a white supremacist symbol). The facts and the truth speak for themselves.

You don’t listen to the Christian Church for pandemic rules and guidelines.

Also, remember that Bolton is leaving out anything that makes himself look worse than he already does. Bolton looks like a coward who was successful at the one mission he actually had . . .

Keep the lie going.

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