Do Nothing COVID County Boards

Every indication is that the Coles County Board will do nothing to mitigate COVID-19 economic fallout for workers, landlords, small businesses and property owners. 

They are just planning on sitting there for the rest of 2020 and doing nothing . . . no contingency cutting ahead of the winter we’re facing . . . no property tax mitigation efforts to help landlords and small businesses, property owners feeling the pinch . . . no trimming or discussion of potential slimming down ahead of a large drop in tax revenue.

Income taxes are due July 15th. At least those were kicked down the road a little bit.

In Illinois, as unfair as it sounds, JB Pritzker is going to pay the same income tax rate as his secretary does. 

That’s pretty ridiculous, don’t you think?

  • JB Pritzker wants to pay more in taxes because that’s the right thing to do. 
  • Most states have a fairer tax system than Illinois has forced itself to have since 1971. 
  • That’s why property taxes are the go to lever for county boards to find resources when they need to increase revenues to afford basic services. 

Who controls the majority of the county boards in Illinois? It’s not Democrats—it’s Republicans. 

Why are these Republican-controlled county boards not considering contingency plans before there is another COVID-19 emergency?

Tonight, I was at the Coles County Board meeting in person. 

It’s obvious to me that it’s easier to blame JB Pritzker because he’s the Governor because he’s not President Trump. JB Pritzker is also a Democratic Governor and rich. I gather if he was rich and Republican he’d just be inept and powerless. 

  • Does anyone remember Rauner? Just drive over to rural Indiana . . . you won’t find near the same support of Trump as you will in Cumberland County.
  • Does anyone else see the inherent confusion and memory loss in arguments by downstate Republicans and these “Pritzker Sucks” Trump-Pence folks?
  • Their arguments attacking Pritzker just don’t make any logical sense. Emotionally, I get it. 

Every state in the country was shutdown. We just took a longer path to opening back up . . . which has had dividends for public health that we could be capitalizing on locally if our local officials would do the right thing.

  • Of course, state officials haven’t done all that they need to mitigate what was done to safeguard the public. We know the federal government hasn’t had their act together on COVID-19 since the beginning. Trump isn’t going to get any blame around here. Why would they when they can blame Obama?
  • In recent years, when has the Coles County Board ever actively responded to demands by the public in a tangible way unless it was about Christian prayer, something that was easy to find some common ground position where everyone sacrifices time?
  • And, were any jobs created or destroyed by changing prayer at public Coles County Board meetings? 
  • When it comes to actually getting actively involved in mitigating damages in a crisis, democratic institutions appear paralyzed. That does not bode well for democracy’s longevity as we move toward the third decade in this century. 

2020 will be a pivotal year in human history as well as our nation’s history. 

It is important what each individual stands for and with as well as what that individual stands up to and against. More importantly, how we conduct ourselves will garner support for our efforts or minimize the opportunities for growing support. 

  • I don’t hear much room for growth yet.
  • I do hear a lot of passion, a lot of anger and a lot of valid concern. 
  • I don’t hear any action from local officials. 
  • We need another federal stimulus package. 
  • Where’s retiring Shimkus on this issue? Right . . . 

We’re left with nothing. No plans. No contingencies. Nowhere to run unless you count the freshly paved trails and roads (thank you, government). 

I heard some old language tonight that was tough to hear and some welcome language from the Coles County Board Chair regarding use of face masks. 

Who is going to hear that?

I did, and I welcomed it. Thank you.

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