We Can Reopen Safely, But Will We?

Want a thoughtful, balanced analysis and pathway to make coordinated, state and local reopening school plans?

Read Laurie Garrett.

Even if you don’t care about reopening schools, she breaks down all of the available information about social distancing and mask wearing in a way that is easily accessible and doesn’t wham you in the face.

I really liked how Dr. Fauci put it on July 17th . . . of course, the default position should be to reopen schools when and where we can do so safely for both students, teachers and the communities that they call home.

We can and we will do this.

Will we do this successfully and safely as quickly and efficiently as we could?

  • That is up to every single community, every resident and all who travel and do business within it.
    America and Americans have always risen to the occasion.
  • We have had failed and failing leadership before and will so again.
  • What makes America truly a great nation is our ability to move on from mistakes by making a better choice for ourselves and for each other.
  • We don’t do that by ignoring what’s happening in front of our face.
  • In fact, it is our nation’s capacity for scientific understanding and ability to innovate through adversity that have made America the world leader that it has been and will be again.
  • We don’t do that by ignoring problems.
  • We do it by confronting those problems with solutions.

I hear tangible solutions from Biden and from Senator Durbin but not from any other candidates on the ballot here where I live, regardless of political party.

When I read an independent candidate’s belief that Illinois spends more per student than any other state, I’m glad my mouth wasn’t full.

Illinois has one of the most unfair systems for funding education in the nation, forcing school districts to make terrible choices.

Now, we’re asking more from an education system that we’ve made more brittle and denigrated more year by year?

I’m not sorry and I will not be voting for anyone who spouts the same Rapture Republican education funding talking points as his opponent.

We need a rewrite and refund on K-12, community college and higher education, not another rehash of teacher bashing, public sector-hating talking points.

Why are public schools failing so terribly under President Trump and Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos? It’s not like I and many others have not been sounding the alarm bells since before she was officially nominated.

The damage done over the course of my entire life by not investing in our nation’s children and in our nation itself is evident wherever you look and especially when looking into the eye’s of nearly every single person you know.

I do hope we come together. We can’t reopen schools or the economy any other way.

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