Flush: What to Do about Trump’s Election Delay?

Now, the sickness sabotage strategy of President Trump begins to make a bit more sense when Trump pondered delaying the 2020 election.

He can’t win on the merits.

He certainly could never win on votes alone.

And, the economy sucked for workers before COVID-19, and now it’s terrible.

Russia may have given some kind of timeframe to Trump during those strange Putin conversations where Trump didn’t even bring up the bounties on the lives of our American soldiers bravely serving overseas, something Commander-in-Chief Bone Spurs would never do and never did.
And, what other foreign adversaries and domestic bankruptcy vultures have relayed their needs to Trump as they look to carve up America after Trump is finished putting the U.S. on the cheapest ventilator he can find after he’s done having fun on Twitter and the golf course at all of our expense.

Oh, don’t give me that cheap *** line about him ‘donating’ his presidential 6-figure salary when the security and lodging for his golf outings, which we often pay to his Trump properties, is in the 9-figure range.

President Trump doesn’t like his loser polls. Let’s pause until his loser COVID-19 response miraculously gets better.

Have you seen the latest data on both positive COVID-19 tests and rapidly rising COVID-19 deaths?
Don’t talk to his flock about either of those, as you’ll get the usual conspiracy spew that not only requires a complete pause of critical thinking but a denial of basic human decency as well.

This one takes the cake though . . . demands for public schools to open or he’ll steal the poorest schools taxpayer-funded resources and split it between Christian extremist schools and rebuilding his fallen and broken promises wall that may or may not have been blown over by a Category 1 Hurricane that we likely would fail at managing recovery efforts if it landed anywhere else.

He’ll steal the money from our troops anyway to fake rebuild it.

Yep. Trump.

He’s floating ideas like he’s been using that tacky gold toilet in his penthouse to see what’s floating in there.

Time to flush.

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