Trump Wipes Out 5 Years of GDP Growth

America failed to capitalize on finding success despite having no national strategy to confront a pandemic that we’re learning has short and long term physical and mental health consequences for many who recover.

  • States with weaker leaders rushed reopening. 
  • States with leaders who didn’t rush reopening have faced rural backlash about social distancing and face-mask rules which are now driving up infections. 
  • They are upset about a rule about protecting their health and economies while many of these same groups applaud uninvited federal intervention in cities, not realizing the hypocrisy and blatant double standards they showcase.

It is now apparent the American economy has been traumatically damaged, leading to increased crime. More costly consequences are days away as the Senate decided not to collaborate on a bipartisan bill this week.

House Democratic efforts had their work product finished and passed in early May. They were not going to wait for an obvious crisis to make good on their oaths to steward the nation through difficult times like these.

Playing political word games to avoid passing a better bill that matches the strength found in the House version is not going to help anyone but cable news personalities and the virus.

And, the House version should be increased in size and the focus could have been sharpened and tightened had only the Republicans in the Senate not waited until the last moment to realize they had been wrong about nearly everything all year. 

Now, there is only one bill that is ready to go. Speaker Pelosi knows how to do her job. 

Let’s get this necessary assistance passed and signed into law so that Americans have some certainty. 

And, increase Social Security payments and allow all workers to access the federal unemployment benefits, regardless of disability. The disability unemployment rate is 17.4%, nearly 6.5% higher than the national average.

The forgotten constituencies that often have no voice.

Anyone who has spoken out knows the reactionary cynicism, the projected painful judgment and the calls for policies and decisions that have and will lead again to people’s deaths if passed and enacted yet again. 

That isn’t hyperbole. 

I know too many of those that we lost or who simply disappeared under the government vacuum of responsibility that we’ve often been witness to over the last 50 years, and all of that was while people cheered, too often before and after Sunday service.

It’s the economy, stupid. 

Yeah. If you care about the economy, you’d put more money in the hands of those who most need it and will spend it.

Finally, we must demand hazard pay and family/household healthcare that doesn’t cost essential workers a dime for COVID-19 testing, tracing and treatment. 

These hardworking people have been on the frontlines and deserve better. 

Is that incentive enough for making work pay?

It’s called a complete strategy.

Republicans haven’t come up with a pro-wage, pro-worker and anti-poverty plan that doesn’t involve reprimanding folks they’ve not listened to about pulling themselves up by their bootstraps that they neglect to tell people they already cut and have plans to use when they bring back the death penalty. (Yep, they also call themselves pro-life.)

Republicans also have no plans on the biggest issues of the day: on healthcare, on immigration or on any plans that don’t hurt our efforts to actually move out of poverty. Oh wait, they do have plans, it’s just those plans all make each of those issues worse for Americans.

It’s time to get serious. If Congress isn’t going to tackle these problems and the candidates running to replace them aren’t going to tackle these problems with policies while they’re on the ballot, that would say they aren’t serious. That leaves it up to We the People.

I’m not sitting down and shutting up while a pandemic churns and burns away the rest of what Trump hasnt destroyed.

That’s why we can’t afford another 4 years of Trump. In 3 1/2 years he wiped out 5 years of economic growth (that didn’t have wage growth), disbanded the pandemic response team and then completely failed at responding effectively to the worst pandemic to hit America in over a century.

  • We will demand action by this Congress.
  • We will demand massive reforms in the way these political parties behave.

Anyone who knows Illinois politics understands the connection between the gerrymandered districts to increase incumbency rates for both Republicans and Democrats which is based on the seeming symbiotic financial relationships between Madigan and many Illinois Republicans.

It’s time our nation and our state moved on from this type of poltiics. Failed politics.

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