Rewrite Tomorrow

Trump isn’t the problem. The media isn’t really the problem. It’s the American people. 

We’re not all that savvy as a whole anymore. Our adversaries are all over this election and the COVID-19 recovery. Their messaging is diabolical, coordinated and rolling through the electorate like an infection worse than COVID. It infects the heart, the mind and it bleeds into your soul. 

  • We decimated investments in education and infrastructure for my entire life. That’s a massive cost for everyone. 
  • We didn’t invest in our healthcare and public health system and now the American people are a lot less healthy. That’s a massive cost for everyone. 
  • We didn’t invest in our institutions and agencies. That means they don’t work for everyone the way they should. That’s a massive cost for everyone. 
  • We didn’t invest in anything but war and our military, and we’re retreating from Europe under Trump because he doesn’t like a smart woman who bests him at everything. Thank you, Merkel. At least some nations are ready for a woman who knows more than them. 

Let’s review. 

We’re less educated, so we’re less able to understand what’s happening right now. 

Our country is crumbling around us, so we’re less able to act upon what’s happening right now.

We’re not as healthy as we could be, and our knowledge and access to becoming healthier is limited.

Services and officials are less able to meet the demands and needs that we have and deserve. 

The one line item we’ve funneled resources into for decades, the military, isn’t trained to fight here in America.

No wonder this is the lever that some in government have been pulling and demanding to have pulled recently. It’s what someone with no idea of what they’re doing would do. 

What do people with few answers do?

Well, it depends on the person and their character. We know what character Trump has. We need to know going forward what our character is and that knowing what we don’t know is as important as what we do. 

Our issues, both individually and collectively, are tied together. It doesn’t matter if you’re a diehard Republican or lifelong Democrat, a Libertarian, Progressive or true Independent. 

This is our nation. We all have to deal with the worst domestic and economic disaster in our history, whether we admit it’s taking place or not. 

I’m not going to stop fighting for our future because I don’t give up on others as much as I don’t give up on myself. I’ve nearly died so many times, been counted out so many times, and yet, I seem to always find a way through it. 

We as a nation must find a way through this. 

We’re not going to do it holding on until the end of our lives to our mistaken ideas.

America is about moving forward, not backward.

Don’t forget it’s the United States of America.

Not just cities. Not just plains. It’s all of us.

Let’s rewrite tomorrow and make sure we know what we know and know what we don’t know so we take the time to get it right and ask the right questions and get the right people into the right places to do the best that they can do.

I’m not hopeful. I’m not pessimistic. I’m American.

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