Dems Outclass Trump Again

While Senate Republicans expose their hypocrisy and lack of respect for American voters ahead of the 2020 elections, House Democratic leaders inked a deal to deliver much needed food assistance to schoolchildren and families across America while averting a government shutdown.

Yes, as part of the deal Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi allowed Republicans to give more blank checks to Republican mega farm super donors, but they made it impossible for those checks to go to the fossil fuel industry.

Not only did Speaker Pelosi outshine President Trump and congressional Republicans, she outclassed them. Feeding children and families is better than sending blank bailout checks to the richest farmers in America.

Meanwhile, rural Americans are getting hit harder by Covid-19 in per capita deaths and cases, the economic fallout from the failures of the handling by the Trump Administration are acutely felt by rural workers and small businesses, and Senate Republicans are more interested in stuffing a justice on the Supreme Court to overturn decades of progress on civil rights, equity and healthcare 42 days ahead of the election than addressing either.

President Trump and Republican priorities are simple to see in everything they do and say. They are about lining the pockets of their richest donors and maligning the rights of Americans. They don’t care about the facts or our health and if they create a principle to use against you it evaporates when it’s in the way of taking away your rights.

What a sadistic group of people.

(Photo: Anna Moneymaker, NYT)

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