Wounded Wet Nurses

Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, the wounded wet nurse of President Trump, can’t even stand in solidarity with law enforcement agencies like the FBI

The only way Meadows can face President Trump in the Oval Office is to attack our nation’s law enforcement on camera. This is because Meadow’s chief job description is to carry the buckets full of tainted blood in the water for a weak, failed President of the United States that would prefer to lie and mislead the American people than save them from a pandemic or his failed policies.

The only election President Trump and wounded wet nurse Meadows will deem fair and honest is the one that has Trump as the victor. If that is not deeply offensive to you as an American, it should be.

As poll after poll has shown, Trump is behind in battleground after battleground. The Trump 2020 campaign has turned from one of offense to one of offensive. 

Meadows sounds more like a Russian news agency mouthpiece for the Kremlin attacking American intelligence and law enforcement agencies then he does an American public servant doing the work of the American people and protecting our national security.

Congressional Republicans increasingly sound less like a political party in a democratic republic with a vibrant history of reform and more like an authoritarian’s enabling body that consistently fails at helping their leader save face on the global stage.

When rural Americans, workers and small businesses suffer and die while their Republican leaders (local, state and federal) do nothing but point fingers offering nothing, you begin to wonder who really is responsible.

(Photo: Business Insider)

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