Choose to Breathe, Choose Community

It’s amazing how much can take place in four years. We can endure so much. We can grow and learn if we choose to do so, but we don’t have to choose that path.

There are countless examples that dot our lives of those who seem to never learn even the most basic of lessons. We must be careful to not let all those dots blot out our drive and intention to make a difference in our own life and the lives of our neighbors. It is the words we speak and actions we undertake that breathe new life into our communities.

We must not relent, even under the enormous weight and struggle of the last four years.

I remember being in Shelbyville for these meetings so long ago, nearing the end of the first leg of that highly successful 2018 primary election.

When I embarked on that journey, I did so with both a joy and an exuberance to learn from every person I met along the campaign trail.

There was a great deal to learn from the good people of the 15th District in 2018. Today, there are even more important lessons to learn from the people in our new 15th District, which is much bigger and even more diverse in geography and economy.

We have all been through so much, and continue to wrestle with challenging situations that today’s politicians and elected officials have yet to match with solutions that meet the demands that give every American child the same opportunities to live their American Dream.

I’ll be seeing you out there soon because I will never stop learning and listening.

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