No Time for Rubber Spines with Putin

Rallying behind the Ukranian people and backing our American leaders who have been working tirelessly to confront Russia is what is necessary.

I have witnessed disturbing and at best counterproductive messaging from former President Trump, many current elected Republicans, and conservative media punditry, all of whom enjoy our democratic protections while stoking what I can only discern as anti-American sentiments here at home while our men and women serve in harm’s way abroad.

These new troubling trends in Republican circles here in America take place as Russia commits open violence and violates international law, damages the global economy and regional security, initiates a cascade of cybersecurity attacks not isolated to Ukraine, while maintaining leadership of the UN Security Council.

I don’t understand these American sentiments against our own national security and economy. These new Republican talking points from talking heads seem alien to me.

I will be forcefully standing up and speaking out against them wherever I hear that anti-American bullshit.

This is no time for rubber spine.

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