Miller, Trump’s Affection for Putin is Misplaced

Mary Miller, she takes her cues from Donald Trump. And, Trump finds Putin to be smart and strong, most recently admiring when Putin invaded a democratically elected neighbor after already annexing a strategic portion of it just eight years prior. 

“None of this would be happening if President Trump was still in the White House,” Miller’s statement concluded. “I will continue to pray that God watches over the people of Ukraine.”

Rep. Mary Miller

If President Trump was actually strong, wouldn’t he have done more than reverse the consequences placed on Russia after the annexation of Crimea? 

It was quite the capitulation by an American President, when Trump three years ago, instead of highlighting Putin’s illegal annexation, he referred to it as outsmarting President Obama instead. 

The weakness is in the position Trump places our nation. He believes demeaning a former President in the eyes of his supporters, our nation, and the world, benefits himself. He doesn’t care about how it impacts our national security, nor how it impacts the security of the American people, our troops, and diplomatic personnel abroad. 

Mary Miller has no issue copying the terrible instincts and even worse judgment from Trump that never served America’s interests at home or abroad. 

Answer these questions. How does that serve America? How does what Trump said about Obama benefit any of us? 

Trump knew his negative characterizations about a former President about an unresolved and ongoing foreign policy issue was only to elevate himself. It was not to resolve the illegal action by Putin in Crimea. We know this because Trump didn’t even try to confront Putin on the annexation issue. Instead, what Trump did next sent a powerful message of resignation and weakness that was unmistakable. 

President Obama, in my opinion, should have done much more in 2014. It would have potentially come at a high cost. Is the cost too high yet? 

In fact, Trump ran as a noninterventionist, yet, here, he is saying Obama was outsmarted, which implies Obama should have done more. It doesn’t match with Trump’s stated foreign policy goals to stay out of other nation’s affairs. Therefore, the only likely goal is to elevate himself at the expense of all else, even our own national security. 

What Obama and our European Allies did do was fairly minimal. They sanctioned 11 of Putin’s inner circle and members of the Russian oligarchy. Also, Russia was kicked out of the G-8, or Group of Eight, returning it to the G-7. Formerly founded in 1975 and widely recognized as the G-6, the G-8 had added Russia to the table in 1997. 

What powerful message had Trump delivered? He was advocating for Russia to be allowed back into the G-8 again, and only two years later.

As a result of a sharp decline in oil prices in 2014 and sanctions against Russia, the Russian economy suffered greatly while the American economy continued a steady rise. Inflation increased in Russia and it would not exit a deep recession until late 2016. It wasn’t until President Trump took office that the Russian economy rebounded. It was also then that Trump began reversing the consequences, at least in public, while slow walking any new sanctions or lethal arms to Ukraine.

In fact, a decision to send these lethal arms to Ukraine sat on Trump’s desk in the Oval Office for nearly a year before there was any action. During Trump’s reelection campaign, they successfully removed any language regarding Ukraine and lethal arms from the platform. Trump was playing the lip service game from the beginning. 

It’s stunning that now, while out of office, Trump seeks to not only weaken the current President, but mislead on his own record and fortitude. His diehard supporters will believe anything. The facts won’t matter either way. 

It is this person that Mary Miller follows into the divisive darkness without any pause, without any concern for any of us, and without any reason to do so. Her family is taken care of with subsidies, bailouts, and more, just like Rodney Davis. They will pay more as a result of inflation, but they can afford to pay more. It is their constituents that cannot.

Mary Miller and Rodney Davis offer not one solution, not one dollar in relief. 

Both Miller and Davis did not offer one vote for relief or infrastructure either. 

They just are not equipped for the times we live in today. 

I listen, I learn, and I will act to bring relief, reform, and a willingness to work with anyone, regardless of party, ideology, or background, until we reverse the 50-year course we have been on in all of our rural communities. 

It’s the job. It’s what we all should demand. It’s what we deserve. 

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