Illinois Secure Choice Stopgap for Lack of Rural Leadership

There are significant and growing problems facing our most vulnerable citizens as they age and access healthcare throughout our district. 

Modernizing and expanding Social Security would help millions of Americans struggling today. 

Republicans Rodney Davis and Mary Miller will never be able to vote YES on what our district, our seniors and people living with disabilities deserve and need. Their partisan politics just won’t let them do the right thing.

Republicans are not the only people not serious about solving these problems. The Democratic Party of Illinois (DPI) and the national party (DNC) are also not serious about rural Illinois. Expect zero fight from zero candidates for this message.

At least we have great statewide officials that have been working for years building resources that workers today will be able to count on when they retire. 

State Treasurer Mike Frerichs has built the Illinois Secure Choice Retirement Savings Program to fill this need.

“Illinois Secure Choice is a state-facilitated retirement program that makes it easy to save for retirement. Since it launched in 2018, the program has brought retirement savings access to workers in every county across Illinois. Not only is Illinois Secure Choice open to employees who work for an eligible employer, the program is available to anyone who wants to enroll on their own and start saving. Beginning in 2022, the program will cover all employers with five or more employees. Small businesses can register now and not wait for their deadline.”

As a former Human Resources Director, I saw firsthand what happens to employees when a company puts profits over workers, especially during a pandemic in a healthcare facility. Those employees fall behind, don’t have access to paid time off when it matters most, and don’t have even an option to save for retirement. 

Even employees without an option through their employer will be able to enroll in Illinois Secure Choice on their own.  

For now, the 15th District will be left to either Davis or Miller, who both do nothing for our residents, both do nothing to reform what is broken but what they blame others about, and both do nothing to listen to real people where they live, work, and retire. 

At least we have State Treasurer Frerichs. 

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