Homelessness, Republican Morbid Fascination and the Millers

What is the fascination by Republicans with Hitler? 

And, how has Mary Miller’s ‘Hitler was right’ speech prior to the Jan 6th insurrection statement be virtually erased from oral history as if it wasn’t in her prepared remarks ahead of the most violent attack on the heart of our democracy and law enforcement since the Civil War? 

Is it possible that Miller and her husband are somehow involved or have some part of the investigation into what happened on January 6th? 

Or, does the media simply not care about the most rural district in Illinois to ever believe someone could have allowed those words to be in anyone’s prepared remarks let alone a freshly sworn in Representative in the U.S. House?

That no one ever asked those tough questions to Mary Miller or her husband is startling since both Chris and Mary are running for re-election for office. That alone should be historic enough, but the Millers take historic a step further. They are both running for office in districts where they don’t currently live. That has to be an American first. 

How is this not making national news? How do the Millers not garner a national news investigation? 

Chris’ truck was seen outside Capitol Hill and had been marked with a decal for one of the militia involved in the insurrection on January 6th

Why isn’t Rodney Davis going after Miller on this line of inquiry? Why hasn’t he even tried to win this seat? Does he even have the fire to fight for our rural communities in Congress? It’s not just the next two years that matter. It’s the two years after that, and after that. 

We need someone that is going to fight for our communities, not about some special interest BS that only divides our nation further. We need someone to fight to build roads, bridges, and rails, that fights to prepare every kid for a better paying job, and fights to make government services work better for less money wasted. 

There’s not one chance Miller or Davis will ever do any of those. 

The Democratic party isn’t going to bother even fighting either of them. All they want to do is just raise money off of that Republican extremism and do nothing attitude. That’s not healthy for our politics, for our communities, for our families, and isn’t going to help our state move forward. 

It’s frustrating as hell. 

What Republicans will do is pass laws to attack homeless people, as they did in Tennessee. They applaud that stuff instead of doing something about it. They make the lives of those with very little even more difficult. 

How does this help anyone but those who don’t want to see the obvious results of their already failing policies?

Most of these more Draconian laws are purely responses to anger and outrage Republican politicians have heard on the campaign trail. It’s easier to pass a bill attacking homeless people than it is to do something about violence. It’s easier to blame violence on Biden than it is to do anything about it either. It’s easier to pass a bill giving law enforcement the job of attacking homeless people, which is what Tennessee Republicans did, here. Did Tennessee Republicans offer any money to pay for the incarcerations this would cause? 

It’s clear that Tennessee has a motto. Their General Assembly claimed in the 60s and threw it on the state emblem in the late 80s that “Tennessee-America at its Best.”

I wonder if they envisioned ‘America at its Best’ by throwing homeless people in jail, and spending hundreds of millions of dollars to keep the poverty to prison pipeline running on public fumes.

I wonder if they envisioned someone on the floor of the General Assembly depicting a homeless Hitler before they passed that bill.

When you know you are doing something wrong and your subconscious is screaming out to you, sometimes it tells on you to the entire room if not the entire world. I believe these people are telling on themselves when they bring up Hitler. They know, deep down, that what they are doing, what they are saying publicly, what they are perpetrating on this nation, is not good for it, nor is it good for the people within it. They know the words they use are harmful to children, and that the children they have targeted are the most vulnerable amongst us all.

They will regret this period in our politics. Regret is okay as long as you learn from it.

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