Miller a Ghost, Davis Pontificates, FOP Endorses

Rodney Davis and Mary Miller supported Anti-police Policies when both voted NO on the infrastructure that police drive on and rely on every day.

Anti-police policies would be voting for massive tax cuts during the second decade of war in the Middle East instead of making investments in better training, better pay, and better community relations, all of which would make all of us safer.

Anti-police policies would be giving lip service to funding the police but only showing up for the photo op check reveals.

It’s easy to support a bill with a good name. It’s what’s in the legislation that matters. It’s in the rollout that counts.

Anti-police policies would be to continue funding a failed war on drugs. It has truly became a failed war on mental health, mental illness, and addiction, fueling violence and migration south of our border.

Reps Davis and Miller know something about running on deepening divisions in our communities, but both will do nothing to fix our broken immigration systems.

Davis and Miller abuse undocumented immigrants politically while these hard-working immigrants sweat it out doing jobs few Americans are willing to do on the payroll. We deserve representatives and candidates that are focused on solving problems, not simply politicizing for the sake of expediency.

Get a backbone. Stand and deliver solutions. Then, make certain those solutions deliver the promised results, not just reward the wealthiest donors with contracts that were supposed to be competitive but we all know were likely no-bid.

The game is costing us millions in each county. That’s what’s driving inflation. How a window went from half a million to $3 million is pretty simple to contemplate . . . it’s called the imagination of someone else’s money. Republicans are great at spending yours and blaming Democrats for it all.

You’re probably wondering why is there a picture of someone’s mug shot from 2018. After listening to Rodney Davis pontificate as if he has some moral high ground about hiring for his campaign when his actual paid campaign worker was arrested for assaulting his opponent’s family. Graven isn’t even paid campaign staff. He’s just doing what he knows what to do. Put all the eggs in the basket with the worst possible outcomes for Moultrie County. That’s the Republican Party track record.

Davis is simply trying to distract from his lack of results for his much longer tenure in Congress. He said he was for all of these principles. When it came to voting to support those principles, he couldn’t do it because of who was in the White House. That’s not someone who has our back. Miller doesn’t have our backs either. Rural America left in the cold, in the wind, covered in pollen again.

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