Thank you!

I just wanted to thank everyone so much for the birthday wishes yesterday and today. It really does mean so much to me. 

I’m not one to really celebrate my birthday any more or less than I strive to celebrate life and living each and every other day I’m blessed to be on the planet.

It’s one of the reasons I ask a lot of questions, and even more follow-up questions. The curiosity is more than my nose wanting to get into your business, or into the county and nation’s business. 

Interest should be followed up with intention. Intention is empty if it isn’t followed up with action. Action, without a short and longterm strategic approach, can be like blowing and blowing and blowing on a wall expecting it to come down by bloviating alone. Intentional short and longterm approaches can provide the leverage needed to bring any wall down. 

My interest in each of you is for a reason. I appreciate your interest in my life and what I do. 

May we find a better way forward than we have seen in any of the days that have come before us. 

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