Kevin Gaither

Listen to Biden

No matter if you feel you agree or disagree with Joe Biden, if you support his campaign or do not, he’s going to be on the ballot in November. Take a moment and listen. If at all possible listen without providing commentary until the end. That’s a big ask. Just a moment.

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Do Nothing COVID County Boards

They are just planning on sitting there for the rest of 2020 and doing nothing . . . no contingency cutting ahead of the winter we’re facing . . . no property tax mitigation efforts to help landlords and small businesses, property owners feeling the pinch . . . no trimming or discussion of potential slimming down ahead of a large drop in tax revenue.

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Bolton Tenure: Keep The Lie Going

Suddenly, the value of those 520 days Bolton sat in his position, and those 139 days we waited for his book to be published after the trial was over, begin to seem as large as the 293 days that President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee sat before the Senate, twice as long as any other Supreme Court nominee in American history.

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1 July 2020

Don’t Buy Trump; Fight for Change

Let’s do better than crying about crowd size and hand size! Let’s finally replace the pipes in Flint, MI! Let’s do what we haven’t done in the last 4 years or the last 40 years by investing in the best in each other, not the worst!

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Covid Spikes, Trump Attempts Hail Mary

Why is it that Trump can say anything, do anything . . . do nothing for them and their communities . . . but because he can say anything and do anything toward the people that actually do things for their communities . . . that makes their support stronger for Trump?

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