Kevin Gaither

Board In the Dark Regarding Member’s Employment with Speaker of the House


During the board meetings that Weaver attended and never disclosed her potential conflicts of interest, she motioned and voted to not only bar the public from ever having access to the minutes of executive board meetings, she also motioned and voted to destroy all audio documentation of those hearings. Any potential evidence in these and other cases were lost.

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PTSD Looms Large; Access to Mental Health Still at Issue

US Army Reserve Photo by Timothy L. Hale
-Kim Raff for New York TImes

Since September 11th, 2001, 30,177 active duty members and veterans died by suicide. It’s a jaw dropping number compared to the 7,057 killed in what I will label “military operations.” Anyone who is going to tell me that those 30,177 suicides aren’t part of active duty deaths isn’t being serious about this issue.

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Homelessness, Republican Morbid Fascination and the Millers

Wash Post, Tennessee General Assembly

We need someone that is going to fight for our communities, not about some special interest BS that only divides our nation further. We need someone to fight to build roads, bridges, and rails, that fights to prepare every kid for a better paying job, and fights to make government services work better for less money wasted.

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Debating Inflation with Blamers

It’s similar to a child touching a hot stove and burning themselves. You would think a person, at some point in their adult lives, would learn how to regulate their emotional responses to stimuli they should at least anticipate encountering in their daily lives, but to no avail. They just want to hear what they already believe.

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13 April 2022

`Historic Justice, PB and J6, Hanging Juries, ACLU Stops Congress

NY Times

Big day in the justice system. Here are four news stories that will reverberate for years.

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SCOTUS Blurs Lines on Ideology and Fourth Amendment

Sarah Silbiger/Bloomberg)

When I wrote it in that exact way just now, I shuddered. It doesn’t sound so good for the average American, now does it?

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