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Category: Commentary

Illinois’ Problems Are Beyond Party

Here is my Letter to the Editor of my hometown newspaper, The News-Progress. When I was in high school, I actually wrote sports stories for them, as well as co-writing […]

First Q & A

Send Me Your Questions, Concerns, or Comments. Email: Twitter: @gaither4il I think we need less personality and more connecting with voters. Less personal and social issues and more […]

Energized and Refocused after GA Loss

There‚Äôs much to learn from the special election loss in Georgia tonight. For being the most expensive House of Representative race in history, it ended up being about a 5-point […]

Solidarity after Alexandria Shooting

The Alexandria, Virginia Congressional shooting shines a spotlight on the intersection of mental health treatment, access to healthcare, extreme political rhetoric, and an absence of common ground approaches in government, […]

Focus on Lack of Results, Not Russia

All we see and hear these days from the mainstream media, from pundits, and from too many on social media is constant speculation and incessant leaks about the Russia investigation. […]