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Category: Economy

On Tariffs and Trade

I’m all for a reinvigorated American-based steel industry. We need these jobs to come back to America. Not only does that increase inflation risks but it could lead to layoffs in the manufacturing sector. We need to elect representatives that listen to workers, stand up for workers’ rights, and start doing their jobs. The people deserve nothing less than that. 

Immigration and Economic Insecurity

This is about depressed wages, fewer opportunities for Union workers, and lack of fairness for taxpayers.  Just like this mother is fighting for her family’s future, these families are fighting for the future of their children.

Shimkus’ Rhetoric Doesn’t Match Reality

In Rep. John Shimkus’ recent WJPF interview, he offered the usual GOP talking points demonizing Democrats. What he failed to mention is that the legislation he helped to craft and […]

A New Year, A New Direction

2017 was a year of tremendous change for our country. So many of us have responded to this change by standing up and doing something about the problems our families, our communities, our state, and our country face. As the drivers of the change we deserve, we can lift our families and communities up. We can only do that together. 

Ending Net Neutrality

With the ending of net neutrality, providers can make consumers pay for faster speeds. They can limit what sites we have access to unless we pay more. It’s actually the same dilemma workers often face when negotiating with the boss, which is why collective bargaining is such a crucial right for workers. Individually, they have little power. There are reasons why consumers see rises in both their prices and the profits of these companies. We have few mechanisms afforded to us to protect us from the decisions of companies and government.

The Reality of the Shimkus Tax Plan

Our current over two-decade incumbent Representative John Shimkus is now sitting on the House-Senate conference committee responsible with hammering out the final tax reform bill to be sent to the White House to become the law of the land. The unfortunate reality for the 50% under the median is that they will be hurt by this tax bill. That’s what happens when you focus on one point along a continuum in order to obscure the massive tax cuts for the top 50% and permanent corporate tax cuts that we all know won’t be used to increase wages but be given to stockholders instead.

Say Never to Privatization of VA

What we should do is the following: continue repairing the damage of decades of denial and decay have representatives show up and hold the VA accountable in hearings have representatives show up in their districts by listening to veterans and the groups that serve them increase assistance to hard hit areas like Danville and Vermilion County open VA sites within community health providers where VAs hospitals don't exist make the pipeline bigger for people going into healthcare specialties increase grants and scholarships for students increase money to colleges and universities increase faculty and staff that educate and train these specialties actually stabilize funding for Medicaid, Medicare, and local healthcare providers instead of starving them of resources.

Infrastructure: All of the Above

The costs of rebuilding America are high. The costs of doing nothing are much higher.  I will fight to rebuild this District on every level and on every day. We can only do this together and by creating jobs, in the present and for the future.