Miller’s Fruit of Nostalgia Plain

Politicians are known by their fruit. “Politicians are known by their votes and the policies that they promote, ” Miller went on to say. We know how she started her career on Capitol Hill. We know what she has voted to bring home to our district: Nothing at all. She’s the farmer that brings nothing to the farmer’s market but takes the biggest subsidy check home to cash anyways. She’s got to pay the nanny to homeschool her kids that yours are all going to hell.

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Dems Outclass Trump Again

Not only did Speaker Pelosi outshine President Trump and congressional Republicans, she outclassed them. Feeding children and families is better than sending blank bailout checks to the richest farmers in America.

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Rewrite Tomorrow

We’re less educated, so we’re less able to understand what’s happening right now. 
Our country is crumbling around us, so we’re less able to act upon what’s happening right now.
We’re not as healthy as we could be, and our knowledge and access to becoming healthier is limited.
Services and officials are less able to meet the demands and needs that we have and deserve.

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3 August 2020

Don’t Buy Trump; Fight for Change

Let’s do better than crying about crowd size and hand size! Let’s finally replace the pipes in Flint, MI! Let’s do what we haven’t done in the last 4 years or the last 40 years by investing in the best in each other, not the worst!

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Stardards Doubled, or How Many Asterisks Does It Take?

The problem with double standard living as a nation is that no one respects our word, no one respects our work, and no one respects our nation.
Anyone else notice all the farm bankruptcies forcing auctions across our lands over the last 3 years? That’s new. No one was looking for Rauner’s ass during all of that? Nor were they looking for Trump’s either. Hmmmm.
But, a pandemic happens, and all of a sudden, everybody around here is a public health expert, a doctor and doesn’t need to respect the law, the order or each other. I will not like when those lessons come back to bite us all. And, they will.

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