BS: No More All Lives Matter

Which is why I am not going to just sit and meet people, discuss their fascination with “All Lives Matter” and their lack of curiosity about why that’s completely ridiculous, offensive and with no regard for anyone who has lost anyone to violence or has had violence done to them.

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Cognitive Dissonance Hot Zone

I think the point of the Open Moultrie signs, next to the Pritzker Sucks signs, cozied up next to the Trump 2020 signs is to clearly paint a bright arrow to show passersby that this is where cognitive dissonance has taken root, could be airborne, and efforts are underway to make it hereditary.
If anybody wants to have a frank, honest conversation about reality and solving the myriad of problems that we all face together, they should definitely turn themselves around and drive 100 miles away in any direction … because that conversation is most likely not possible in this Cognitive Dissonance Hot Zone.

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The WHO Wears Face-Masks

The WHO guidelines for healthy members of our community make the most sense to me given the breadth of all of the science, the public health data and all of the commentary on both sides, with a minor addition.

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Killing George Floyd: Pleas and Protest

George lost his life. The people protesting that lost life, at least they’re not protesting against public health guidelines that help protect the lives of other people, at least there is hard, cold and decaying evidence that real harm, real loss, real threat, and real trauma have actually occurred here.

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29 May 2020

Stardards Doubled, or How Many Asterisks Does It Take?

The problem with double standard living as a nation is that no one respects our word, no one respects our work, and no one respects our nation.
Anyone else notice all the farm bankruptcies forcing auctions across our lands over the last 3 years? That’s new. No one was looking for Rauner’s ass during all of that? Nor were they looking for Trump’s either. Hmmmm.
But, a pandemic happens, and all of a sudden, everybody around here is a public health expert, a doctor and doesn’t need to respect the law, the order or each other. I will not like when those lessons come back to bite us all. And, they will.

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Illinois: What Has Gone Missing

What has gone missing is any hint of a strategy by either political party to build change in America for her people and her workers. #DemandBetter

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