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COVID Restaurants and Bars

With no national strategy to help stabilize the restaurant and bar small business industry during this difficult time, it is up to states and local communities to fill the gap with ever diminishing resources.

9/11: Loss, Mourning, Solidarity

September 11th. A time of loss and mourning for our country.  It was also one of the last times our country came together in solidarity.  Shared pain and suffering has a way of bringing people together. How could we do anything but coalesce as a nation and a world after such an attack?

Labor Day: The Fight for American Workers

Yes, Republicans have pounded the idea that Democrats are bad and low wages for American workers are good for the economy, but is this really what rural Americans are going to continue to swallow election after election?

Support Cannot Be Blind: Dueling Charleston Rallies

It is time to inform our passions. Blindly following those who say they are on your side has not achieved many results for any of our rural communities. And, the consequences of failure are mounting, becoming more grim every single day we do not stand up with a sincere and focused will as a culture and a people.