Illinois Politics

Miller a Ghost, Davis Pontificates, FOP Endorses


Davis is simply trying to distract from his lack of results for his much longer tenure in Congress. He said he was for all of these principles. When it came to voting to support those principles, he couldn’t do it because of who was in the White House.

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Board In the Dark Regarding Member’s Employment with Speaker of the House

During the board meetings that Weaver attended and never disclosed her potential conflicts of interest, she motioned and voted to not only bar the public from ever having access to the minutes of executive board meetings, she also motioned and voted to destroy all audio documentation of those hearings. Any potential evidence in these and other cases were lost.

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Debating Inflation with Blamers

It’s similar to a child touching a hot stove and burning themselves. You would think a person, at some point in their adult lives, would learn how to regulate their emotional responses to stimuli they should at least anticipate encountering in their daily lives, but to no avail. They just want to hear what they already believe.

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13 April 2022

Illinois Secure Choice Stopgap for Lack of Rural Leadership

Mike Miletich, WGEM

Republicans Rodney Davis and Mary Miller will never be able to vote YES on what our district, our seniors and people living with disabilities deserve and need. Their partisan politics just won’t let them do the right thing.

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Rodney Davis: Embodiment of Establishment Elitism

Rep. Rodney Davis in Havana at Babe's

I doubt it’ll be that easy to ignore the real challenges and frustrations that voters have in every single community in our district, which is exactly what Rep. Davis is doing by huddling in private luncheons and wineries in hushed isolation from the people he answers to and seeks to represent.

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